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we are part bar, part bottle shop.

We are part bar, part bottle shop.  Specializing in Fresh Craft Beer and other spiritous beverages. Come visit us!

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Browns vs Steelers RMHC Chili Cookoff

We are looking for 10 of the Best Chili Cookers in the City!!!

We are also looking for folks that want to eat so called Best Chili in the City!!

To kick off this Rivalry Game, we’ll be tasting Chili…and judging…and drinking all in order to raise money for our friends at Ronald McDonald House Charity!

For Chili Cookers:

  • 10 Chili Cookers; Free to sign up, but will need to purchase their own ingredients.

  • Cookers will make the Chili ahead of time and bring in in their crockpots. We recommend a 6qt Crockpot.

  • Sign Up Here

  • Tasting will start at 6:30pm, so come a little early to get your space and set up.

  • The Ultimate Chili Cooker will be decided by 2 judges, one being the famous RMHC Chef Blair, as well as the People’s Vote! Decision will be made at 8:20pm. Prizes to be given to Winner!

  • Please bring a list of your ingredients incase any has food allergy questions.

For all of the Unfortunate Chili Tasters:

  • Donations are needed in order to Taste the Chili…any amount is appreciate and all donations will go directly to RMHC! Starts at 6:30pm

  • Help us pick the winner, while filling your belly with Chili and Craft Beer! Winner to be decided at 8:20pm

  • Additional Raffles for fun prizes and gift cards will also be available; money for Raffle will also benefit RMHC!

Make sure to stick around after and watch the Browns take on the Steelers!! It is going to be such a fun night!!! Cheers!

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